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Our services

To serve you better, Jong D Intertrade offers product grading and repacking services, cold storage warehousing, and inland transportation of goods.

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Product Grading

Our product grading service ensure that all our products are sorted and graded according to international standards. This ensures consistency in quality and allows customers to choose from various grades that match their specific needs. 

Repacking service

We offers customers the flexibility to create their own private label with customized packing sizes ranging from 56g (2 oz), 160g, 500g to 1kg. We take pride in ensuring that our repackaging process maintains the high quality and freshness of the products.


Cold storage facility

Our cold storage service is equipped with temperature-controlled facilities ranging from -5 to 0 degree Celsius to maintain the freshness and quality of the products. Our service ensures that the products are stored in optimal conditions and are available for delivery to customers all year round.

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